Ultrasound for Pets

Ultrasound can be very useful in diagnosing health issues in pets.

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CHARLOTTE – Just like in humans, ultrasound can be very useful in diagnosing health issues in pets. Ultrasound is a non-invasive technology that uses sound waves to gather diagnostic information without surgery of internal anatomy. “It is the same procedure as is used with humans, only requiring gel and probe,” says Dr. Amy Haase of Charlotte Veterinary Surgical Services. “We even overlap the same companies and equipment. It is non-painful and usually does not require sedation in 99% of my patients.”

The most common reasons for ultrasound are either to work up clinical signs of concern or abnormal physical exam findings during abdominal palpation or listening to the heart, laboratory bloodwork or urine abnormalities, or radiograph concerns. “Ultrasound has greatly improved evidence-based medicine in veterinary medicine, and allows us to specifically diagnose issues that used to be lumped into broad categories of ‘kidney disease,’ ‘heart disease,’ or ‘liver disease.’ This also allows us to be much more focused in care and determine issues such as cancer, surgical cases that will benefit critical trauma cases, and allow more cytology diagnosis of cancers for surgery and chemo,” notes Dr. Haase. “We now are working up conditions more similar to human medicine, and improving prognostic conversations before asking pet parents to invest in multiple-day hospitalizations and medical care.” 

We are grateful to be able to partner with Dr. Haase and CVSS for ultrasound imaging needs when your fur babies can benefit from these technologies. Let us know if you have any questions about pet ultrasounds and the various benefits they can offer!

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