Tech Gadgets for Pet Parents

At home pet cameras are a great to not only keep an eye on your furry friend but also send them a treat or say Hi.

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CHARLOTTE – As the world has gotten a bit more “normal” over the past few months, many people have begun to return to work outside of the home. This also means that fur babies who came into our homes and lives during the COVID-19 pandemic may be experiencing some separation anxiety with their people leaving the house to go out and about for work and other things. Some pet parents may be feeling similarly, and tech gadgets such as pet cameras seem to be increasingly popular. 

There are a number of pet cameras that have made their way to the market over the past several years. Among some of the most popular, you may have heard of the 

Furbo, which is specifically marketed as a dog camera. It allows you to see and hear your fur babies, as well as speak to them through the camera. You can even “toss” them treats with the press of a button on your phone! Some others like the PetCube Play2 offer a laser feature, which can be great especially for cats. 

While there are plenty of other gadgets for pet parents to choose, another one worth considering for pups who may experience separation anxiety is the PetSafe Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer. This device has lots of features, including a remote with a 1000-foot range that allows you to reward your pet when not in super close proximity. By using this training device, you can help your fur babies learn that your absence is not always terrible. 

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