Pets Need Self-Care

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CHARLOTTE – Self-care has been defined as the process of establishing behaviors to ensure holistic well-being of oneself, to promote health, and to actively manage illness when it occurs. Individuals engage in some form of self-care daily with food choices, exercise, sleep, and dental care. 

As a pet parent, we engage in self-care for our furbabies everyday.  Just think of all the important choices you make to ensure your pet stays in the best of health.  From complementary therapies such as acupuncture to grooming, investing in self-care for your pet has many health benefits.

Acupuncture uses small sterile needles to stimulate the body to produce its own endorphins (our natural pain killer). It’s most commonly used to decrease arthritic pain, help with decreased nerve sensation, and improve overall wellness. Other uses can include reducing inappropriate urination, urinary incontinence, and anxiety.

Chiropractic is another treatment we use for disorders of joints specifically associated with the spine. The goal is to maintain normal range of motion of affected joints, relieve pain, and promote normal nerve function coming out of the spine.

Regular grooming is important to your pet’s general hygiene, but it is actually vital to his or her overall well-being and health.  Self-care through grooming reduces chances of ear infection, reduces the potential for matts, discovers unseen lumps and bumps, and nail trimming reduces the risk of developing bad posture or bone deformations. 

Providing mental stimulation and physical exercise not only keep your pet from gaining too much weight but also help to prevent separation anxiety, fear aggression, and many other unwanted social and behavioral problems. 

The best part of self-care for our furry companions is that it acts as a form of self-care for ourselves.  As a health professional, this is a winning combination.

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