Meet Teenie

Teenie, the calico princess, another happy fur baby of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital.

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CHARLOTTE – You’ve heard about her fur brother, Aslan… now, we’d like to introduce calico princess, Teenie, another adorable member of our Passionate Paws patient family and Amber’s other fur baby.

Right around a year ago, Amber started volunteering at a foster home with Animals First Rescue of the Carolinas. During her first day “on the job,” she met a mama cat who had just birthed 5 kittens a couple of days prior. Both the mama and all babies had no tails, except for the smallest of the litter — a little girl with a stubby “hook” tail, who Amber decided to call “Teenie.” Teenie ended up needing some special care, thanks to Amber’s attentiveness, and once she bounced back, Amber knew Teenie was meant to be hers.

Now 10 months old, Teenie likes to go for walks, ride in the car, and go shopping. Though it took a while for Aslan to be accepting of another kitty in the house, he and Teenie now have a special bond and do lots of playing together. Teenie likes to be close to Aslan and will often have a paw on him. She is also quite the mama’s girl. “We have a huge bond,” says Amber. “She comes when I call her, follows me almost everywhere, and we have endless conversations (yes, she talks a lot!).”

You can follow Teenie on Instagram (@teeniethecalicocat) or Facebook to keep up with this cute kitty girl! Thanks again for sharing your fur babies’ stories with us, Amber!

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