Meet Seraphim

Seraphim is making amazing progress post major spinal surgery.

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CHARLOTTE – Seraphim Grace is a “perfectly imperfect little Pittie” and a special member of our Passionate Paws client family. We are honored to be able to share a bit of Seraphim’s story with the help of her human paw-rents. 

Seraphim was adopted by the Albertas after they saw her on a rescue’s instagram page. “We knew we had the perfect yard and time working from home to take in another dog, and we were definitely thinking about one that needed extra love,” said Amy, Seraphim’s mom. “When we first learned of her, it was thought she may have been injured. She was initially in a wheel chair, but had progressed to walking by hopping on her crossed back legs.”

However, once they adopted her and had her checked out, it was discovered that she had a severe spinal malformation that was pinching her spinal cord and getting progressively worse. At only 4 months old, Seraphim needed immediate surgery to repair her spinal cord, even though there were risks of decreasing her mobility, amongst other things.

Unfortunately, Seraphim had no use or feeling in her back legs post-surgery. Since then, she has been treated with electro-acupuncture at Passionate Paws to help stimulate her muscles. She has gained feeling back in one of her feet, and as of last week, had reflex in both feet and wagged her tail! “She is definitely showing progress by getting some feeling back and ALMOST getting up on all 4 legs. The spinal cord grows about a millimeter a month so time and keeping her agile is key, along with having lots of patience,” said Amy. “Being Seraphim’s parents is more than we were prepared for, but we couldn’t imagine our family without her. We were gifted with this sweet snuggly little girl that pushes us to our limits and fills our hearts every day with so much love and strength.”

This sweet fur baby’s story is unique and continues to amaze and inspire us as it unfolds. Follow Seraphim on Instagram (@buono_seraphim) to learn more about her life, journey and progress!

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