Meet Macho

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CHARLOTTE – Macho is a “super dog” dachshund who relocated from New York to North Carolina last year with his human mom, Kathleen. He has since become a special member of our Passionate Paws client family, and we are honored to be able to share a bit of his story.

Kathleen received Macho as a surprise Christmas gift one year, and she knew he was different and special. “I’ve had pets in the past, but Macho feels like my four-legged soulmate – we are so in tune with each other,” she says. Unfortunately, Macho had a back injury with a ruptured disc one day, which meant having to undergo spinal surgery. From this, he encountered bladder complications that led to three weeks of hospitalization.

“I was afraid he wasn’t going to make it,” says Kathleen. “I visited him daily at the hospital, but it was heartbreaking for me.” Thankfully, Macho persevered, and is a funny, tenacious and lovable senior pup today. He gets around great with the help of a special wheelchair and lives a wonderful life despite his disability. “He truly is my child,” she says. “It has been a long journey of tears, stress, therapy, and acupuncture, but he has the typical stubborn personality of a dachshund, which I believe helped him never give up the fight after his surgery.”

Macho received monthly acupuncture treatments to keep him healthy and strong, so Kathleen was nervous about finding good care for him when they were moving south.“I did a lot of research and was so impressed with Dr. Bonilla,” says Kathleen. “She has become my angel here, and I know she and the rest of the team love Macho and are so wonderful with him.” We sure are glad they found their way to our Passionate Paws family!

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