Introducing A New Pup To Your Family

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CHARLOTTE – Thinking of adding a furry friend to your family in the near future? Getting a new puppy can be a very fun experience, though it can be a good bit of work as well! One important thing to consider before bringing home a new pup is how to introduce him or her to your current family dog(s). Keep reading for some tips on this crucial step when a furry family member is added.

  • Pick a neutral spot for the introduction: If possible, find an area that neither dog really knows- someplace that is fairly quiet with no other dogs or people – so that the dogs can roam on-leash and meet. 
  • Watch dog body language: If there are happy, wagging tails and movements occurring, this is good! However, also be on the look out for behaviors such as hard stares, a lowered or tucked tail, tense postures, or running to/behind you – these may be a sign that the dogs need more time to warm up or that you may want to seek the help of a trainer.
  • Introduce puppy to your home: It’s best to give your puppy a chance to check out his new living space while your other dog(s) take a walk outside. This prevents any immediate territorial issues. Each dog should also have their own bed.
  • Try to maintain your dog’s daily routine: Keeping your dog’s typical schedule is key, and giving the dogs some separate time for a break from one another is also good practice.

We hope this information is helpful as you consider bringing home a new fur baby to add to your family. Stay tuned for more upcoming new puppy tips in the weeks to come!

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