Fur Baby Talk

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CHARLOTTE – Have you ever been talking to your dog or cat and realized that it seemed a little odd to be carrying on a seemingly one-sided conversation? Have you ever wondered what someone would think if they heard you talking to your pet? Chances are, they might use a funny voice when talking to their pet too! 

Being a pet parent comes with the opportunity to experience your fur baby’s quirks and personality. Since pets truly do become companions and are a responsibility just like having children, it’s actually pretty natural that pet parents often have a certain voice that they use when speaking to their fur babies. In fact, some people even create voices that they use to speak as if they are their pet! This concept is called anthropomorphism, which is defined as attributing human-like characteristics to non-humans.  

Creating a funny voice for a fur baby is also a way that pet parents and families can develop a deeper bond or connection – not only with their fur baby but also with one another. If you think about it, when a couple or a family has a pet, the pet is like another shared friend and family member. Therefore, by using a certain voice to talk to or in lieu of a pet, fur baby parents and/or families are actually building stories about their fur baby that can add to relationships. 

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