Benefits of Ultrasounds for Pets

The use of ultrasound technologies is valuable for pets, pet parents, and veterinarians.

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CHARLOTTE – As you may have read in one of our recent pieces, ultrasounds can be very useful in diagnosing health issues in pets, just like with humans. Dr. Amy Haase of Charlotte Veterinary Surgical Services partners with us at Passionate Paws and other local hospitals to provide ultrasound imaging as needed. 

The use of ultrasound technologies can be valuable for all involved. While the list of benefits is lengthy, here are just a few of the many helpful capabilities of ultrasound imaging:

  • screening for cancer and staging when a mass is found, ruling out metastatic disease before making decisions about treatment
  • finding obstructions/foreign bodies before perforation occurs
  • screening for issues that are commonly not diagnosed with bloodwork
  • discovering sources of hemorrhage or presence of internal trauma that may require emergency surgery
  • finding tumors internally that can be safely aspirated under sedation for diagnosis, chemotherapy considerations or surgical planning
  • pregnancy confirmation and staging fetal age and viability
  • screening heart murmurs before anesthesia to determine risk level or ways to improve cardiac function for procedures

“Through our work, we try to be the final puzzle piece to put mysteries together into a specific targeted diagnosis and future treatment plan,” says Haase. “I really enjoy the analytical challenge and the beauty of anatomy, but most importantly, I love impacting the quality of life for patients and helping to streamline owner decisions and financial investments in treatment plans with specific and effective medical information for their case.”  

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