Halloween handprint crafts

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Anyone who visits my house can tell that I love, love, love handprint and footprint art. My children have painted handprints on canvases, dishes, potholders, coasters, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, flower pots, birthday cards, and more. There are so many adorable ways to preserve those sweet little hands and feet as they grow.

Holidays are a great time to create some handprint and footprint art with your kids. Here are five Halloween themed handprint and footprint craft ideas to try this year. Any of these ideas would make cute Halloween cards for grandparents or fun Halloween decorations for your home.

  1. Handprint Candy Corn. Paint your child’s hand orange at the bottom, yellow in the middle and white along the fingers. Press onto paper.
  2. Handprint Spider. Paint both of your child’s hands black, leaving both thumbs unpainted. Press one hand onto the paper. Place the other hand opposite the first print with the palms overlapping. Decorate with googly eyes.
  3. Handprint Witch. Paint one of your child’s hands green. Press onto the paper. Turn the paper so that the fingers are down and palm is up. Draw or paint a black hat and orange hair at the top of the palm. Once dry, add googly eyes and draw a nose and mouth with a black sharpie. Draw a black broom for the witch to ride.
  4. Footprint Frankenstein. Paint your child’s foot green and toes black. Press onto the paper. Once dry, add googly eyes and draw stitches and bolts with a black sharpie.
  5. Footprint Ghost. Paint your child’s foot white. Press onto the paper. Turn the paper so that the toes are down and the heel is up. Once dry, draw oval eyes and a mouth on the heel with a black sharpie.
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