What Professions Go Well With Massage

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CHARLOTTE – This week let’s look at what professions might work well with massage.

For the past six months I’ve been going to a chiropractor. I can tell you it’s been a tremendous help to me. Some people try to simplify it and say to ‘go to a massage therapist for your muscles, a chiro for your bones’. It’s not that simple, but we do deal a lot with the same anatomy. You can choose either, but I’m finding that both professions benefit from each other. Shop around, word of mouth seems like the best way to choose, but definitely seek out professionals that are properly licensed, with stellar reputations.

Another profession that seems to work well with massage therapy is that of physical therapy. Physical therapists (now) have master’s degrees and do have significantly more schooling than massage therapists. But we all have our place in healthcare. Working with a PT can be beneficial, and with the addition of massage as part of your wellness plan, you can more than likely reach your goals and stay healthier quicker and longer. Again, reputation and credentials (licensure) is important with these professionals as well.

Feel free to ask your massage therapist who they recommend. A lot of times we work closely with others and can point you in a direction that you can trust. And when we can’t help, we’re happy to refer out. Next week we’ll talk more about professions (such as athletic trainers) and how massage fits with their training.

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