What If I Can’t Get In For A Massage?

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CHARLOTTE – Being a massage therapist in the Mint Hill area has been a remarkable experience. I’ve been fortunate to have a loyal following, and I’m very thankful. With this busyness comes a wait for my potential clients (and even my regular clients at times), as I’m booked out a few weeks ahead of time. So what can you do while you’re waiting on your first appointment?

Try self-massage. Have a headache? Take your fingers and start with small circles around your temples. Massage firmly (but no digging in) for about 90 seconds and take a 30-second break. Continue this routine for several cycles. Continue massage behind your ears and repeat (using 90-second intervals, with 30 second rests). Once this cycle is complete continue to the back of your head where your neck muscles meet your skull. Repeat your routine.

How’s your neck? Have you been sitting on your computer all day or looking down at your phone or tablet? Reach up with your hand and place it on your shoulder, close to your neck. The strong prominent muscle you’ll feel is your trapezius. These can feel tight when they are weak or overused.  Gently massage for 60 seconds or so, rest, and repeat until you feel them release (or relax). Be gentle, sometimes working with the traps can actually cause a headache.

These suggestions don’t feel the same as a massage, but they will provide relief in a pinch while you’re waiting on your appointment. Don’t wait on the pain to make an appointment.

-Lisa Lane is a licensed massage therapist (#13098) who has worked in Mint Hill for almost 8 years. Call or text for an appointment at (704) 773-6863.

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