The Shin Area

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CHARLOTTE – Last week we talked about the muscles of the calf, this week let’s talk about what happens in the shin area. The shin is comprised of the tibialis anterior muscle that runs down the front of your leg – between your knee and the top of your foot. This muscle has a primary job of flexing your foot off the ground, such as when your are walking and you bring your foot off the ground in front of you (during your stride). It also helps you pull your foot into your body and raises the arch of the foot.

Some issues that might arise with your tibialis anterior are shin splints and drop foot. With shin splints, you might have pain that shows up on the front of the shin which is aggravated when walking and running. I’ve never experienced this but I’ve heard it can be especially uncomfortable. Since you use your legs daily to move around, it might take a little longer to get over the shin split type pain. With drop foot, your foot does actually drop with the muscles unable to hold your foot in the flexed way that enables us to walk without dragging or tripping. Sometimes surgery is the culprit, but generally these issues are caused by weakening of the muscles.

Massage can help you manage the shin splint type pain. Massage also encourages the blood and lymph to head to these muscles and connections which ultimately helps with healing. Stretching can also alleviate discomfort.

-Lisa Lane is a licensed (#13098) massage therapist in the Mint Hill area. To book an appointment with Lisa or Brian, please visit our website at

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Lisa Lane
Lisa Lane is owner and lead therapist at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. She specializes in pain management and is certified in neuromuscular techniques. Lisa lives in Mint Hill and is currently President of the local chapter of the Kiwanis Club. She is an active member of the community and enjoys travel, family time and trying to be the best photographer ever with her camera phone.