Swedish Massage

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CHARLOTTE – Today I found myself apologizing in a way to ‘just’ giving a swedish massage. First of all, it’s a massage that we are taught that is the basis for all massage. It’s never been ‘just’ a massage to give. It’s the foundation of the work we do.

She didn’t need work on her shoulder injury, she didn’t need work on the knee that’s giving her a fit. Her intake for said she felt great today and that she was looking for relaxation. And her preference was a swedish massage.

What is a swedish massage? This massage was invented by Henrik Ling in the 1800s. He was a fencing instructor who had an injury which he used this technique to cure himself. Swedish massage is characterized by long gliding strokes, kneading motions, tapping movements on soft tissue, as well as joint activation.

What are the benefits? Calming of the nervous system, loosening tight muscles, speeding up healing of injuries due to moving lymph/blood through the stagnant areas of the body and improvment of lymphatic drainage which allows the body to work on a more efficient level.

By no means are we discounting other forms of massage, every modality has a reason to be used and has the ability to improve body and mind. We did get through the massage with my client falling asleep. I’d say her goal of relaxation was met. But it’s important to listen to the client and not push them into something they aren’t asking for.

-Lisa Lane owner and licensed massage and bodywork therapist (#13098) at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill.

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