Pressure In Massage

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CHARLOTTE – I get a lot of questions about massage pressure.  I’m sure massage therapists everywhere address what kind of pressure to use each time they practice.  What pressure you seek is always taken into consideration during your massage. We also have to take into consideration during any massage what health issues you might have. For instance,  if you have a nerve issue in your spine, creating deep pressure might further aggravate your pain situation.  Or for my clients that have autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis,  injuries, etc., pressure will indeed be a factor in how you’re massage experience with go.

When speaking with your massage therapist,  you’ll do an intake form with a health history, and your MT will go over all things dealing with your body. They’ll get your opinion on what you’re looking for and it’s up to your MT to take that into consideration and then advise you on the care you will receive.  Your therapist will check in with you during the massage to make sure you feel comfortable with the massage you’re receiving.

Feedback during your massage is welcomed, after all we can’t adjust unless we know what you’re experiencing.  But our goal is to get you to your goal, while doing it in the best way. If you want more pressure,  let us know.  If you want less. Then that too should be brought to our attention.

There’s a perfect massage therapist out there for everyone, communication is the key yo finding them.

-Lisa Lane is a licensed (#13098) massage and bodywork therapist based in Mint Hill.

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