Neuropathy And Massage

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CHARLOTTE – What is neuropathy? Neuropathy is damage to your nerves. I deal with peripheral neuropathy (there are an astounding 100 types!) on a regular basis and this seems to be the most common. Because of the large number of peripheral neuropathy pathologies, they are classified into three different groups: motor, sensory and autonomic.

Motor neuropathy is damage to the nerves that control muscles and movement. Examples are when moving your arms and hands. Sensory neuropathy is the damage of the nerves that control what you feel. Pain, temperature or touch are examples of what can be affected with this particular type of neuropathy. Last is autonomic nerve neuropathy. The autonomic nerves control functions that you are not conscious of, such as breathing and heartbeat. Damage to these nerves can be serious.

What are some of the symptoms? Muscle weakness, cramps, muscle twitching and loss of muscle are common. Numbness or loss of sensation are the ones that probably get your attention first. With neuropathy, you might experience loss of balance and even loss of pain or sensation which is dangerous in itself.

What are the causes? One main cause is diabetes. When you have high sugar levels (diabetes), nerve fibers become damaged in your legs and feet. Symptoms might be numbness or tingling and more serious, burning pain.

If you’ve had this diagnosis or if you feel these symptoms, massage can be helpful. It can stimulate your lymph system, increase joint flexibility, help get oxygen to your tissues and help alleviate nerve pain.

-Lisa Lane (#13098) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in Mint Hill. To book an appointment, check out her website and choose book appt.

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