Massage During Covid

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CHARLOTTE – How has massage changed since COVID reared its unrelenting ugly head? Sanitary conditions still apply; not much has changed with how we clean. We have changed our cleaning products and we clean more often. In our office, we clean before and after each client. We clean all touchable surfaces and must clean any shared surfaces outside our treatment room. This means not only are our massage tables/stools sanitized and fresh linens added for each guest, chairs have to be sanitized as well as the floors.

Doorknobs are wiped down for our room and bathroom. Doorknobs leading outdoors are also sanitized. We now use only cleaners recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

What we want you to know is we, as massage therapists, take your health and safety seriously. Ethically we must do all we can to prevent anything harmful from occurring in our facilities. We are now being recognized as health care providers and we continue to follow our board mandates.

What do you need to do to have a safe and productive massage? Well, be honest. If you’ve been exposed please let us know. My clients have done well with being upfront and canceling appointments when they’ve been exposed to COVID. That is appreciated, we can work something out to get you back on track.

This too will pass, but we have to make the effort to consistently think of others and make sure your safety and wellbeing is our priority. Thank you for continuing to get massages.

-Lisa Lane is a owner and lead therapist (LMBT#13098) for Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. Please visit to book an appointment.

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