Massage and other Professionals

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CHARLOTTE – A colleague of mine moved into my building and I’m excited to see more health and wellness represented in our community. There are many people with talents in the health and wellness field that compliment massage or that can be used in place of as a way to further your health goals.

For instance, if I have a client who is not advancing at the rate I’d like to see, I’m happy to refer out and get another professional involved. There are going to be times when I might have a client who has reached a plateau with my expertise. It doesn’t hurt me to admit we are at a standstill and that it’s time to look at other avenues. I’ve had times where I’ve even referred out to yoga or pilates instructors, other professionals that might be able to give the client another option with which to succeed in meeting their health and wellness goals.

In the massage world an issue can be successfully dealt with in the span of six to eight sessions. We might work on one issue, but uncover an entirely different issue that must now be addressed. This is absolutely normal. If we don’t see you advancing within a reasonable time frame then we can reassess and look for alternatives to what can get you through to your health and wellness goals.

I love having long-term clients but the bottom line is I want you to be successful in feeling better and staying active.

-Lisa Lane is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (NC#13098) and owns Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. Visit her website to book an appointment:

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