Massage and Injuries

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Another form of trauma is an injury. When you fall and break a wrist or sprain your ankle, your body is going to have a lot to say. Let’s look at what happens when you have an injury-related trauma. Have you noticed that once you hurt yourself a few things are sure to happen? First off, there’s pain. What is pain? Pain is your body’s way of telling you that there’s something wrong. Pain can be tingling, throbbing, sharp, dull but it’s essentially your nervous systems way to signal to the brain that we have a problem.

With an acute injury: once the pain has signaled the brain, blood clotting starts, and inflammation steps in. Most people fear the swelling, but this our body’s way (isn’t our body wonderfully made?) of acknowledging injury and protecting the injury. If there’s a puncture, the body releases chemicals that start the “plugging” process. It’s literally plugging up the hole by clotting.

Inflammation can last a few days while your body tries to fix the injured area itself. I’d say a vast majority of our injuries are fixed on a daily basis without slowing down our daily life. The body will trigger the white cells to go to the injured area and start to work on the healing process. There are immunity cells that head to the area as well.

A beautiful thing about massage is that it can help open the roads to the injury to encourage healing.

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