Into The Fall Season

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CHARLOTTE – Here we go. The days are certainly shorter as fall season rolls in. Motivation might be a challenge during this season since our weekends seem to be full of fun opportunities. How do you stay on track with your massages and your health?

First, continue your fitness plan. If you don’t have one, make sure you’re moving. That’s what your body was made for. D0 you realize that moving your joints through their natural range of motion allows the healthy fluids (blood, synovial, etc..) to lubricate and invigorate the areas in question? It also reminds the muscles around your joints what their job is and encourages them to kick in and do their job. When we limit our joints and their natural range of motion, our brain tells the muscles not being used to switch off, or allow other muscles to pick up the slack. All muscles were created for a reason: they do a specific job in our bodies so movement encourages them to stay on task.

Second, implement those activities that encourages stress reduction and physical fitness. That’s where massage comes in. I’ve talked endlessly about what massage does when your goal is to reduce stress in your body, but it can’t be said enough. Massage helps lower blood pressure. It helps reduce cortisol in your body (a stress hormone that, when over produced, can have lasting negative effects on your system). Massage encourages nerves to wake up and get active. Massage encourages a healthy mind and body.

-Lisa Lane (#13098) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in Mint Hill. For more information check out her website

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