Heat And Your Massage

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CHARLOTTE – Last week we talked about the advantages of using ice with your massage therapy. This week we will look at heat integration with your massage session. I love heat and would normally grab a heating pad before I grab an ice pack. But there are actual reasons to use heat when you are dealing with injuries and issues with your body.

Heat dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow and relaxation to areas of need. In my practice, I use a heated table. I use it for clients who always seem to be chilled on my table. Even when it’s 100 degrees outside, some clients are inclined to feel cooler once they undress and relax.  Much like when you go to sleep at night, your body adjusts and cools itself during the night, it can do so once you’re stress has been reduced while on the massage table. For some, this occurs once they lay down and become quiet.

I have used warm towels on clients that have knee issues, especially when I’m going to massage knees and use some myofascial techniques (massage that deals with pain in the connective tissues). I’ve found the warmth of the towels gives me an edge in working on the body parts in question. (Some therapists, not me, also use hot stones to warm up parts of the body while they massage elsewhere – same theory).

In general, heat can enable your therapist to be more effective. Ask your therapist if they integrate heat into their sessions.

-Lisa Lane is a licensed massage (#13098) and bodywork therapy in the Mint Hill area. To book an appointment go to www.ncmassagesanctuary.massagetherapy.com and click book appt.

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