Foot Massage Fears

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CHARLOTTE – Last week we talked about hand massage and its benefits. Let’s go to the other end, your feet. When I first started getting massages, about 25 years ago, I always kept my socks on and said “No feet!”. I was kind of grossed out by feet and thought, if I don’t want to touch anyone’s feet, then why in the world would they want to touch mine? I saved them. After years of keeping my feet to myself, I had a great massage therapist ask my why I didn’t want my feet touched. I said, ‘well it’s gross isn’t it? Touching feet?’ And she educated me on how it’s one of the greatest massage points on our body. From then on, I gladly offered up my tootsies in an effort to receive the benefits offered to me.

Your massage therapist (me included) is not grossed out by your feet. Even the most challenged feet are honored because of the huge job they are entrusted with.  Those little stands on the end of your legs carry you around. They help balance you, they help keep your body aligned enough to keep you from falling and they are constantly feeling out the path ahead in hopes of getting you to your destination safely.

Next time you’re in for your massage, take those socks off! Let those toes free and welcome the massage that your therapist offers. Foot massages can be most relaxing and there are lots of pressure points in those soles.

-Lisa Lane is a 9 year licensed massage therapist (#13098) in Mint Hill. To make an appointment, go to

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