Ankle Importance

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CHARLOTTE – I believe that the majority of people I know, me included, don’t give their ankles a second thought. We just assume they’re doing what they need to do. We assume that unless they hurt we don’t need to do anything for their maintenance, but they are pivotal in our staying mobile and staying young. Can we all agree our ankles need some love?

By definition, the ankle includes three joints: the ankle joint proper, the subtalar joint, and the inferior tibiofibular joint. The movements produced at this joint are pointing your foot/toes away from your body and bringing your toes toward your body. Our ankle provides mobility and stability to our feet as well as through the shin/calf region up to our knees.

There are many nerves that also pass through the ankle and if these become damaged or impinged then the results can be disappointing. You might get ‘drop foot’ where the foot doesn’t lift in order for you to clear a step while walking. You might feel like your ankles are stiff which can throw off your gait (stride), or you might feel like there’s not a lot of stability, as if they are weak or can’t hold you up.

So where does massage come in? Recharging your batteries by getting your feet and ankles massaged is an excellent place to start. Doing muscular work as well as working on mobility in the joint can work wonders in how you carry your entire body and can benefit your overall health.

-Lisa Lane has been a licensed massage therapist in the Mint Hill area for 9+ years. Contact her at (704) 773-6863 (text or leave a voicemail) for an appointment or go to her web page at

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