Watering In Winter

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CHARLOTTE – As we transition from fall plantings to wintertime in North Carolina, winter watering is something that must be considered. Once plants go dormant for the year many believe that they need to do nothing until spring.

For that maximum Spring effect in 2022 here are some winter watering tips:

  1. For those dry winter seasons with low or no snow and ice and occasional minimal rain periods, winter watering is essential. All trees and shrubs, especially evergreen types, are losing more water than they are taking in.
  2. Damage to your new or existing plantings may not actually show during the winter but will definitely avail itself in early spring, especially for newly planted trees and shrubs. These plants need to be watered throughout the winter months if natural moisture is absent.
  3. Lawns are another consideration. Lawns are more tolerant of dry winters if growing grass such as Kentucky bluegrass and fescues. They have a deeper root system and suffer less overall stress during a dry winter as opposed to turf on a golf course.
  4. Established lawns may need no watering during the winter months but newly planted lawns in the fall will require some watering in the winter.
  5. During the winter it is best to water with a water hose or a bucket instead of utilizing an irrigation system where pipes can freeze and burst.

Don’t forget your plants need you all year long. If you give them the necessary attention you will be very happy when spring comes.

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