Keep Your Landscape Colorful and Interesting During the Fall and Winter – Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – When most folks go into landscaping hibernation during the Winter, here are more ideas to consider to adorn your landscape and become the envy of your neighborhood.

  1. Look to hardscape. Winter is a great time to perform a critical assessment of your landscape. Look for where focal points may be missing. Enhancing your winter landscaping may not be plant-related at all. A lot of hardscape work is performed during the off-season. It could be as simple as the installation of a walkway, a stone bench, an arbor, a or even an eye-catching garden sculpture.
  2. Use your summertime containers. Window boxes and hanging baskets are some great examples to use for winter landscaping. Dwarf spruce and broadleaf evergreens such as holly and rhododendron are perfect for wintertime using your summertime containers. You may decide, instead of buying plants for these containers, to fill these containers with evergreen boughs of different textures and colors, interesting twigs, etc. Anything with colors is important.
  3. Stick with four-season perennials. Many perennials have evergreen foliage making them great for winter landscaping. When initially purchasing your plants read the plant label and find out if the plant has foliage in the winter to ensure you can see it year-round.

Remember winter is also a great time to stock up on nonplant items you may need for next year’s garden. You can find a lot of bargains in the off-season for your flower and vegetable gardens and general landscaping. Take the slower time to research plants and determine seeds you may need.

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