Gas Versus Electric Equipment For A Landscape Business

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What are the differences between gas-powered and electric landscaping equipment?

Looking for powered equipment for landscaping used to be straightforward until the introduction of electric-powered equipment. Not only do we have well-known gas-powered equipment as an option, but we also have the newer, just as effective, battery-powered equipment available as well. While there are benefits to both sides, sometimes the benefits of one option outweigh the other when looking at what fits your operation best.

Should I use gas-powered equipment to support my landscaping business? With a trusted name you can trust that your equipment is going to be worth your investment. Gas-powered equipment is heavier weight, making them more durable, and generally speaking, they have a longer use life. Most commercial-grade landscaping equipment is going to be gas-powered. If you have a larger landscaping business, gas-powered equipment should be considered for greater durability and life span.

Is electric equipment an option for landscaping?

With recent advances in lithium batteries, electric, battery-powered equipment may be able to support your landscaping operation. With easy, instant start, lightweight designs, battery-powered equipment makes training easier when you have employees working for you that might not have experience with landscaping equipment like this.

How can I decide between gas and electric equipment?

You know you need powered equipment for your landscaping, but now you’re trying to decide between gas or electric equipment. Each person and operation have their own set of specific needs. Looking through the below comparison will help you to determine which is best for you and your operation.

Gas Powered                                   Electric (Battery Powered)

Maintenance          Gas engine with oil and air filters,       No engine oil. No gas engine to                                and spark plugs to change routinely.    maintain, therefore no oil and                                                                                          air filters, or spark plugs.

Effectiveness          Generally, a pull-start, longer             Lightweight, instantly starts                                     runtime with a gasoline engine.          but limited to charged battery                                                                                        life.                                  Price                        $$                                                   $$$

Safety                     General safety rules still apply:         General safety rules still apply;                                 protective eyewear, awareness of      protective eyewear, awareness                                   of your surroundings, etc.                of your surroundings, etc.

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