Feeling it One Year Later

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CHARLOTTE – Since the beginning of the 2021 Spring season the garden and landscape industry, like so many industries affected by the pandemic, experienced an unusually severe supply chain disruption during the peak time of year when material and product availability is already challenging. This year, especially involving product availability, you can point to the 2020 pandemic as directly or indirectly creating a supply and demand crisis in 2021.

Easing of COVID restrictions over the last couple of months has contributed to that explosion of demand and that includes outdoor improvement projects and growing your garden. But it has taken one full cycle, or basically one year, to realize some of the more serious and delayed adverse effects of this historic public health crisis.

The garden and landscape industry is just one example out of thousands of industries in America that depend on a healthy and robust supply chain. Beginning in early 2020, COVID took root during the peak period in the garden and landscape industry. The unusual material shortages accompanied by rising material costs, rising fuel prices, a shortage of transport trucks and drivers, scaling back or completely closing processing facilities, stone quarries, and lumber mills have all been the result, directly or indirectly, of the pandemic.

But there is great news now! With COVID hopefully in retreat, the easing of restrictions, and commerce firing back up all across the country, it is already apparent in the garden and landscape business that materials, equipment, and parts are now becoming more readily available as harvesting, manufacturing, processing, and transport dramatically increases.

Phil and Pam Carter, have owned and operated Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products, in Midland, NC for 15 years and are suppliers of a wide range of landscape, hardscape and garden products throughout the Charlotte Region. www.metrolinamulch.com

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