What Does Your Lawn Say About You?

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Let’s Get Moving With Anna Granger

You might think of your lawn as just a patch of grass or an area you have to mow every week. However, it’s far more than just some grass you have to take care of. When you’re searching for homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC, you’ll likely factor in the lawn before buying.

Keeping your grass cut and the landscaping up says quite a bit about you. Let’s look at some of the things your lawn might say about you.

Judging a Book By its Cover

While you’re told all throughout life not to judge a book by its cover, this doesn’t really apply to your lawn. If a lawn is unkempt, filled with trash and old toys, and simply doesn’t look nice, it’s likely the home isn’t well taken care of or maybe nobody lives in it.

However, when great care is taken to keep the grass cut, landscaping looking nice, and the lawn clean, it can say a lot about the home. In fact, if you have good landscaping, it can add curb appeal to your home. Better curb appeal can help you sell your home faster and even for a higher price.

Less is More, Sometimes

Your lawn and your landscaping can say quite a bit about you, when you go overboard, too. If you plan too much and it becomes cluttered, it can actually take away from the curb appeal. Less is more, sometimes, but other times, perfect landscaping can help lower energy bills and create an incredible outdoor environment.

Going Overboard

While some homeowners love their lawn and take incredible care of it, there is a point where you might go overboard. If you’re the time that wants your grass to look amazing, but freak out if the neighborhood cat walks on it, you might have taken things too far.

A nice lawn should be enjoyed. Kids playing in the yard, adults enjoying the feel of crass on their bare feet, and plenty of fun should happen on a well-manicured lawn. Going overboard might give you the appearance of a well-manicured lawn, but this could be a tell-tale sign of other issues.

The way we take care of our lawn, our home, and our things say a lot about our priorities. Just like how we spend our money tells a tale, so does the upkeep of the outside of our house.

It’s your lawn and you get to choose how you care for it. You also get to choose the landscaping that goes around the home and in other areas. How you take care of the outside of your home communicates to those passing by, how you might be taking care of the inside.

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