Tips to Help You Find the Right House This Spring Selling Season

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MINT HILL, NC – Spring is often one of the hottest times of the year for the real estate market in Mint Hill and across the country. When you decide it’s time to buy a home in the spring, you need to know what to expect and how to get the right house for you.

The real estate market isn’t exactly normal right now. It’s a unique beast that keeps doing unique things that are a bit harder to predict than normal. With expert predictions all over the map, some potential buyers might be a bit scared to enter the market. Of course, higher mortgage rates are not helping, either.

If you’re planning to buy a home this spring, use the following tips to help you land the right one for you.

Keep Your Concessions Reasonable

While a year ago, you might have had to make all kinds of concessions to land the perfect home, that’s not the case now. Bidding wars are not as common and homes are sitting on the market longer compared to 2021 and early 2022.

This is good news for buyers, in some ways, because you don’t have to make the same concessions. However, you may still need to make some concessions to land the perfect home.

Get Pre-Approved Early

The sooner you get that pre-approval letter, the easier it will be to land the right home for you. Cash offers are king, but strong financing options can certainly put you in the running for your dream home.

Pre-approval is great, but if you can find a lender with a program that will get you fully approved before you make an offer, that’s even better. Make sure you are prepared financially before you start shopping for a new home.

Consider Older Listings

If you can’t seem to find what you want with the current and new home listings, look at older listings. Even homes that never sold or were pulled off the market could work out for you.

Consider homes that were on the market for two months or more and make an offer with a discount. Some sellers might be willing to accept your offer, as they were trying to sell, but were not successful.

Consider a Privately Held Property

There are companies that buy homes to flip or rent out. They might have an inventory of hundreds of homes and you might be able to help them take one off their books.

If you have the ability to take on a distressed or foreclosed property, this can work out great for you. These properties often have less competition and you will be able to get a fantastic deal, most of the time.

There are many things you can do to make it easier to land the perfect home this spring buying season. Make sure you work with a local real estate agent and gain access to the best financing you can find before you start searching for your next home for sale in Mint Hill, NC.

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