WINE Part 3

Day 7 brought us to Libourne and a trip to Saint Emilion. Here we tasted more Grand Cru Classe’. This wine was fast becoming our favorite. When we were shown all the various pairings for this wine, it opened up a completely new set of options for us. We overnighted in this wonderful city, and Day 8 allowed us to visit the market in Bastide Town. Then it was on to Chateau de Montaigne and a Fronsac Wine Tasting

Day 9 brought us to Bordeaux where we would overnight. We visited the Bordeaux Wine Museum. Just when we thought we had learned all we could about this wine region, we were treated to the history and the origin of the world famous Bordeaux Wine Region. What a wonderful way to close out our wine tour – or so we thought. As we got on board for our last night on this ship, the entire crew put on a farewell dinner and extravaganza such as we had never seen.

On day 10, as we were lounging on our Hi Speed TGV Train back to Paris, we just could not stop talking about all we had experienced, tasted, and learned. We made plans to reunite at our Hometown Wine Lounge every Friday for a while to talk about all we had done. Our local Lounge owners had ordered some of the wines we fell in love with, so we would have a different night featuring each wine. We all thought that should last us until our next Wine Cruise. Maybe we should try a cruise on the Douro River and those wonderful Port Wines.