Where In The World Is Phil – COVID 19

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CHARLOTTE – 1/ I know the big question on your mind right now is when will I be able to travel again?”. Perhaps the second question is “Where in the world is Phil – I have not seen him around in a while”.

The second question first, Phil and Barbara got COVID 19. We are not sure where we got it or when or how. We wear masks 100% when we are out. We only traveled to Church and a few restaurants in the weeks before we got sick. We did read reports of folks who were sick at a funeral we supervised (we social distance and wore masks), and also a rumor about a restaurant we ate in (only removed masks at the table). At any rate PLEASE, Please take this stuff, seriously folks. Barbara was sick like the worse case of flu she had ever had. I was hospitalized 3 times over a period of 5 weeks and was in Critical Condition in the ICU for 5 days. Some of my problems may or may not have been related to COVID 19, but that was my original diagnosis. Four of my very good friends and clients had to delay a trip because the airlines canceled the air portions. Barbara and I had to delay a trip to St Lucia because of COVID 19 and also airline cancellations.

After a long 6 week struggle, I am slowly getting back to a bit of me before COVID 19. It was scary, uncomfortable, and probably very expensive, so JUST TRY TO BE CAREFULL OUT THERE, and take the politics out of wearing a mask and social distancing.

When will I be able to travel again? That is very complicated. Let us start in our next article, with the “New Normal”.

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Phil Angelo
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