Where in the World is Phil- August 2020, Part 3

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Barbara and I kept ours on the entire flight. The crew did come around with some refreshments for sale by credit card only, as well as alcoholic beverages for sale. The flight was smooth, the crew was pleasant, arrival was 5 minutes early, and debarkation was seamless. One additional comment about Allegiant is a warning to check what you paid for and did not pay for. Virtually nothing is free with Allegiant, and they do check the weight of checked bags, limited to 40 pounds. You will pay extra at check-in if your bag is heavier than 40 pounds (Barbara’s was).

Miami Airport

We found no surprises at the airport. Travel distance from the arrival terminal to the luggage area is very long and convoluted. There are lots of signs telling you which way to go, though some are not where we expected them to be. Our luggage was on the carousel within 15 minutes, and we were on our way to our rental car. Total time to luggage retrieval 35 minutes.

Enterprise Car Rental. Well, now I was a little set back by the time and difficulties with Enterprise. Not enough to complain to management, but enough to warn my clients to expect some difficulties. There was only one agent at the airport counter. The counter was located in a remote area with poor signage and hard to find. We stood in line for 35 minutes waiting to check-in for our car. Upon check-in, we were told to follow the signs to the parking garage to claim our car. Another convoluted trip and 3 wrong turn, before we found the car claim area. Once there we were directed to the wrong line. After standing there for 10 minutes, we inquired and were told we had VIP reservations(???? Really???) and we had to go stand in a different line. We were finally taken to our car, no choice to upgrade. The agent checked the car with us. I pointed out multiple scratches which I photographed with my phone. 55 minutes later we were driving out.

Join us next week for more on Where in the World is Phil- August 2020, Part 4

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