What Is New On The Horizon (Ocean that is)?- Part 5

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CHARLOTTE – There are new procedures this year that all cruise lines have adopted in some form. As of June 20, 2021, the requirement for vaccinations varies from one line to another. In addition, at least 1 cruise line will require nonvaccinated passengers to fulfill additional documentation, testing, or will be restricted inshore options. Additionally, pre-boarding procedures will change greatly, as will board shows, buffets, and public venues. Recent court decisions are limiting the CDC in what they can require verses suggest, so changes will fluctuate by line.

Departures from Europe have been taking place slowly every week. More and more countries have opened borders to cruise passengers. Experience in Europe has been excellent. There have been, as expected, very few incidents of Covidexposure. Where it has occurred, it has been between just a handful of passengers, and new procedures have handled the situations so very well, other passengers were not affected at all. This bodes well for USA departures this season.

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