What is New on the Horizon (Ocean that is)? Part 2

Vacation Cruise

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CHARLOTTE – With Virgin, all food venues are included, there are no extra charge venues. Since it is all adult, most venues can include adult beverages on offer. As an incentive, Virgin may offer a “Bar Credit” against your adult beverage charges. With Virgin there are no noisy water venues like 1000 foot long slides, rather there are multiple venues for adult activities, both wet and dry. Staterooms are all set up for two people, in 3 categories, no window, window, or balcony. They also offer a“Rock Star” suite with room separation and more space.

Wi-Fi connection is included, and all tips are included. I have heard from many clients that they were surprised by the final bill at departure. When daily Wi-Fi, tips of $120 per person, and drinks were added up, they had a bill close to $1000.Well, even Richard Branson cannot support everyone’s alcohol habit, if they have one. Virgin does offer at this time, to give you a $100 bar bill credit if you purchase $300 in advance. That certainly helps.

The ships are much more oriented to adults when it comes to color and décor. Bright reds are offset by minimalist greys, and just a touch of Vegas here and there. One last “Freebie” I LOVE is the beverage choices for free. They offer Eurostyle “Drip” coffee, juice, sparkling water, and soda as free. We will have a MintHill group on board an October 24 sailing out of Miami.

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