What is NEW in travel Part 2

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Viking Ocean Cruise line is the Ocean side of the worlds largest River Cruise Company. Since 2017 they have been introducing at least 1 new Ocean Cruise Ship every year, and 2019 will be no exception. This cruise line is best known for new ports and overnight stays, with people to people tours and itineraries.

Royal Caribbean International joins the others with Symphony of the seas. It seems Royal was not content having three of the largest cruise ships in the world. Symphony is even bigger, setting a new world record. As parent company of the Luxury sister company Celebrity, Celebrity Edge will join the fleet bringing a high level of luxury at a moderate price range to US Ports. The Symphony will cater to 6000 guests, while the Edge will give 2900 luxury guests the “Celebrity” treatment.

Holland American line keeps the traditional names of previous vessels as it adds the brand new Statendam to it’s fleet. Known for traditional “White Glove” service and gourmet dining, Holland American continues to thrive.

Certainly never to be outdone, Carnival Cruise Line will bring the brand new Panorama to the West Coast in 2019, the first new ship out of LA in 20 years. Loaded with more of what Carnival calls “FUN” features like zip lines, waterslides and net walks, Panorama will be a leader in the West Coast Market.

Check back next week for Part 3.

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