We Have Been There – Part 1

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This next series is by requests from several readers. You asked if we could review some of the resorts and tours we have personally experienced. Of course that is a long list, but we will narrow it down to some of our recent experiences. We will look at specific resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, Caribbean, and Dominican Republic, as well as some land tours in Europe.

Our most recent trip was in Early August, to Mexico. This was a fact finding trip we organized in order to see and experience changes in some of the resorts. An important fact we learned was that there have been positive changes throughout Mexico and the Dominican Republic, as a direct result of some recent incidents occurring there.

Apple Leisure Group is a consolidator and multi resort owner that we use quite frequently. They own, or partner with, Funjet Vacations, Karisma Resorts, Lomas Transportation and many other entities. They have stablished new safety and security procedures. We learned they are in process of implementing improvements such as;

1) All alcohol at all-inclusive resorts will be served out of sealed bottles or mini bottles, with the government seals affixed to the bottles.

2) All facilities are hiring independent security companies to provide additional, higher levels of security within the resorts. We experienced this first hand at the first resort in Mexico that we are reviewing here.

3) New security cameras are being installed throughout all the resorts Apple represents.

Next week we will talk more about the Oasis Grand in Cancun, Mexico.

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