We Cruised With Virgin Voyages Part 6

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CHARLOTTE – OH NO!, get the cameras ready as all these people cram onto the decks and listen to a long lesson on safety at sea. Now I am a big proponent of Safety at Sea, but not of decks crowded with sailors, wearing life vests, in the weather, while listening to a screaming announcement about what will happen.

FORGET ABOUT IT!! We were asked to watch a safety video on OUR CELL PHONE, or in our stateroom. Once we had watched the entire video, our account was marked as having completed requirement 1 of 2. Next, we were told to proceed to our emergency stations at our leisure, where we sat in seats, and watched a presentation by the crew of life vest use, lifeboat use, and emergency procedures.

The meetings were continuous for about 90 minutes, but the presentation took only 15. There were only 15 people at our station, and more would come in as we finished up. Sailors recorded our attendance and our file was marked as having attended 2 of 2 presentations. Those who did not comply were contacted and given private instruction. Here we go, Innovative award # 5. This was surely the smoothest “Drill” I have ever attended, and still gave me all the knowledge of those deckside drills.

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