We Cruised With Virgin Voyages Part 5

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CHARLOTTE – We immediately went up to “The Galley”. This is an area where this ship excels. There are 10 “Restaurants” there where you can choose from such items as tacos, Salads custom made, hamburgers with the trimmings, Japanese bento boxes, Sweets, Panini’s, drinks of all kinds. Some have described it as a fancy buffet, but WAIT! This was not a buffet. You could walk around and look at everything on display. Then you sit down in a central dining area. Wait for staff to come to your table and take your order. Food can be custom ordered to contents, doneness, and pairings. You can order Bento, then a hamburger well done, then a custard, and also order coffee, tea, or soda, all of this is included, there are no extra fee dining venues. There are floor-to-ceiling windows, and it is on deck 15, so all during the cruise, the views were incredible. Here we go, innovative award#4. They also have a balcony dining area where you can be served your selections outside in the fresh air. That was a plus for the ladies who are a little worried about the air conditioning temperatures. While we were there, we were subject to the one thing I dislike most about cruising, an announcement over the speaker system. Then I found out that the Captain promised there would be no, or at least very few additional announcements during the cruise, other than this first announcement. We would have to comply with Federal Laws and participate in maritime safety drills.

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