Travel Today- Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – Entry Requirements; If you are traveling internationally, the first thing to know is if a passport is required. The answer is yes in almost every case, except US Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico is a US territory, as are the Hawaiian Islands a US State. Alaska is separated from Mainland USA along most of its area, but is a USState, so NO passports in any of these places. Remember for the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands are NOT included and require passports. If you are traveling with a passport, you MUST have 6 months left before expiration, on your RETURN date. Some countries also require a Visa, so ask before you go.

The requirements to enter every country were changed during the Covid crisis, and are now beginning to ease back off. Check with your travel consultant and know before you go. You won’t get past check-in at the airport if you are missing test documents. DO NOT attempt to forge documents as the fines are very heavy. In these next columns, I am going to go over the requirements in some of the more popular destinations. If you are planning to go, please check with one of us. It does not cost anything. At this time Congress has refused to ease the requirement for everyone to test before RETURNING to the USA, so be sure to know how and where you will test. You WILL have to get a Covid test before returning!

PLEASE check offers for Travel Insurance and do not travel without it. Check what is covered and, more importantly, what is NOT (Covid, War, Insurrection, or you choose not to go because you have fear). There are policies that cover cancellation for any reason. If that is important to you, pay extra for that coverage. EVERY Travel Consultant has Insurance providers they can quote for you. DO IT!

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