Travel safely Part 4

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Remember to prepare for your international flight long before you leave your house. Plan to arrive at your originating airport 2 hours before flight time. No liquids over 4 ounces, no weapons and no metal objects like scissors, etc. in your carry on. Be prepared to be randomly selected for additional search procedures, don’t take it personally. If you need assistance boarding or seating, let the airline know ahead of time. On long flights get up and walk around every 1 hour at least. Bring earplugs in case the person seated near you has a crying child (air travel is uncomfortable for children as they feel pressure in the airway). Drink water as the pressurized aircraft tend to be very dry. Look at where you are sitting and the Emergency exits. Listen to the Emergency Evacuation Announcements. In the event of an in flight emergency, listen to the flight crew. They are trained, and practice, emergency procedures.

Feel good about travel today. Air Travel is safer than it has ever been. The US Government is constantly improving early warning systems for travelers. Countries who are heavily dependent on tourism work very hard to keep tourists safe. Don’t wander off by yourself. Keep your “head on a swivel”, and you will have the very best, SAFE, trip ever.

Call Phil or Danielle if you have any questions or concerns, but more importantly call us to book your next trip NOW.

Check back next week for our next series.

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