Travel- Can I- Should I, Part 4

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CHARLOTTE – B/ Insurance. As you will read in the article on Cruising, one of the most concerning aspects of the Covid 19 outbreak, is medical care in foreign countries. Almost without exception, all countries came to realize there were 2 serious aspects of tourists becoming ill while visiting.  First was the availability of testing and treatment options. Most countries used “WHO” to ramp up protocols to meet the new demands, and implemented policies to prevent spreading either direction, while visitors were in the country. Regardless of preventive measures, some visitors were still going to be exposed. There was a cost involved in testing and treating those victims incountry, as well as a very big cost involved if the visitor had to be evacuated. That led to a requirement by most countries, mandating you purchase ON ISLAND insurance that would cover those costs.

C/ Negative Covid 19 testing prior to RETURN to the USA is a big change. That is currently mandated, and the cost to an individual for just additional nights lodging when you have not complied with that testing can be a burden. On our return from Jamaica in January, Barbara and I financially helped twenty-something American Tourist who was rejected from our flight because she did not have, and could not afford, the required Covid 19 test.

There have also been changes in TSA requirements, especially with carry-on items allowed. One of the changes allows you to bring snacks or food onboard, purchased prior to arrival at the airport. Drinks are still prohibited. Larger quantities of sanitizing liquids are allowed.

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