The Oberammergau Passion Play Part 4

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Several River Cruise companies are offering cruise, tour, and admission tickets. Croise Europe, for example, is offering the package on June 17 and August 26, 2020. Several others offer the package on different dates in 2020. Tour operators Like, Globus, Tauck, and Trafalgar have purchased blocks of admission tickets. These tour operators will offer dedicated play tours in 2020.

So why do we talk about something that will not happen until 2020? Because this only occurs once every ten years, because every tour operator is getting bookings every day, and because by it’s very nature, admission is limited at every show. Now is not too early, next year may be too late. If you want to see this spectacle, contact us soon. We will be able to set up the entire package, the way you want it, when it is best for you, and never at any additional cost than if you spent innumerable hours booking everything yourself.

While we are at it, the next series will talk about some small villages along the Rhine River, so watch out, maybe we will talk about the little village your relatives immigrated from. Consider our “Wine on the Rhine from The Hill” River Cruise. We will be having meetings at Olde Sycamore on June 19, and more meetings to come as we try to fill the “number 1 rated river cruise ship in the world” with our fellow oenophiles from Mint Hill.

Check back next week for our next series.

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