The 4 W’s of all inclusive Part 4

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When. When should you travel? The simple answer is whenever you want to because there’s always a location to accommodate your desire. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall you can guarantee there’s a destination to fulfill your dreams. As far as prices go well that’s anyone’s guess because price is figurative and never fixed. So what does that mean? It means plan. Plan when you want to go based on where you want to go or vice versa and then everything else will fall into place. Decide what your number one must have is, where, when or who is going. If you want tropical location but you want to go cheap then plan to pull the kids out of school for your best price. If you can only go in the summer then plan way ahead of time as resorts as well as air book up fast and prices increase.

As you know there’s a lot that goes into planning a trip. You use a calendar to organize your daily life, a doctor to monitor your health, why not use a travel agent to plan your vacation? Let us help take the stress out of planning and make your dream vacation a reality. We can grab a cup of coffee at the new coffee shop in town or enjoy a glass of wine at Vintner’s while we put a plan into action and check off all your boxes for your next trip. There’s no cost to you and you get the benefit of our expertise and connections in the industry which is priceless if you ever find yourself stranded in an airport and in need of someone to assist your travel agent is right there to help.

Check back next week for our new series.

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Phil Angelo
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