The 4 W’s of all inclusive Part 3

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Who. All inclusive resorts attract every type of individual or couple. For Lovers we can recommend areas and resorts that cater to romance. For honeymooners these are really attractive, for families there are resorts all over that cater to fun for children such as the Nickelodeon Slime Resorts, and plenty of private time for parents. One resort we visited recently provided Fisher price amenities in the room for small children, including crib, walker, high chair, and stroller. There are resorts dedicated to clothing optional choices, as well as resorts that have separate clothing optional beaches. The LGBTQ community is well represented at many resorts in some locations and that number is growing daily. So as far as the “who” we talk about, that encompasses most every type of traveler. Everyone travels at least once in their lifetime somewhere whether it be ten miles or a thousand miles from home.

We are seeing more diverse travelers now than ever before inquiring about all inclusive resorts for the sheer simplicity of being able to appeal to all age groups and cultural backgrounds. The traveler of today cares more about the environment and has interest in discovering the world around them. They are more educated than ever before when it comes to knowing and understanding the effects on our ecosystem and they want to see the resorts’ compassion towards this challenging situation. In response resorts offer more educational opportunities to the traveler who is concerned about the footprint their vacation will leave in the sands of time.

Are you the type of traveler who expects white linen tablecloths at dinner and cocktails served on the beach? Perhaps you would rather sleep in a private bungalow nestled along the side of a mountain with a hammock stretched among the trees? Do your children’s ages determine where you will travel Because you would like for them to have plenty of interaction with the wildlife like swimming with the dolphins as well as a great pool with lots of activities for the children? Maybe you are the traveler who wants to get away from the world and want to be pampered without the sounds of bubbling little voices and shrieks of joy as they encounter a mammoth water slide. All inclusive resorts tick all those boxes just by choosing the perfect resort based on your likes, wants, and needs. That’s where I come in, by asking those questions to make sure we are checking your list and giving you everything you asked for at a price you can live with. The many benefits of all inclusive resorts from cost to convenience as well as the many choices appeal to all.

“Who” you are does not determine “how”, “why”, or even “where” you travel, but it does determine whether or not you “will” travel.

The most important part about the trip, I tell people, is the memories you create with the people you love. So when choosing your next vacation consider an all inclusive resort so the people in your group who like to snorkel can swim with the fish, the foodies can sample foods they may never have tried before due to the cost in a restaurant, and the nature lover can swing from the tree tops or ride a horse on the beach at sunrise. Sip cocktails on the beach as you watch the crashing blue waves deliver a boogie boarder to safely to the sand. Dance under the moonlight to the beat of native drums as you immerse yourself in the nightlife. All of this is included and at your beck and call all you have to do is choose.

Check back next week for part 4.

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