Rhine River Gorge Part 3

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Old town sports the Drosselgasse, repleat with shops and restaurants. You can wander these streets and find everything you might want to look at, in the context of a small town dating back to the 11th century. Views of the Rhine River are breathtaking from may spots in town.

Take time to visit the Castles that are so accessible in this area. Famous spots like:

St. Jakobus, the parish church from the 15th century, rebuilt after World War II

Burg Ehrenfels, a ruined castle in the vineyards

Brömserburg, the oldest castle in the Rhine Gorge World Heritage Site. It was built in the 10th century on the site of a Roman fortification. From the 10th to the 13th century it was owned by the Archbishop of Mainz. The old fortress was converted into a residence in the 12th century. It then passed into the control of the Knights of Rüdesheim. A branch of these knights was the Brömser. It was retaken by Archbishop Werner II von Eppenstein in 1281. The castle withstood a number of attacks. In 1640, during the Thirty Years’ War, the top of the tower was destroyed by French troops under the command of Henri II d’Orléans, duc de Longueville. The Archbishopric sold it in 1803 and it has had several owners since then. The town of Rüdesheim bought the castle in 1941. The site includes a modern-day wine museum.

Boosenburg, a castle from the 12th century with a preserved bergfried and a Gothic revival villa which serves as a concert venue

Eibingen Abbey, founded by Hildegard of Bingen, above Eibingen

Remains of the Hindenburgbrücke, a bridge destroyed in the Second World War

While in Rudesheim remember to taste the coffee, the wine, and the Brandy this town is so famous for. A stroll in the old town area will allow you to enjoy all 3 and a great German meal to go with them.

The composer Johannes Brahms (1833–1897) was repeatedly a guest at the family Beckerath’s house in Rüdesheim.

On our Wine on the Rhine from the Hill River Cruise in 2019 we will stop here to enjoy the world famous wines and then we will have a magical wine pairing dinner on board the AMA Kristina hosted by our celebrity chef and guest Wine Expert. Call Phil at 980 406 1650 or Danielle at 704 726 3230 to join us. We already have a very nice group from Mint Hill signed up to enjoy the cruise.

Chech back next week for Part 4.

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