Most popular destinations in the world. Part 3

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The West Coast seems to be the real beginning of a Mexican Vacation. I grew up with movie stars being filmed in such towns as Peurto Vallarta, Veracruz, and of course, Acupulco. There have been several reports about violence in this area. I encourage you to talk to your Travel Agent BEFORE you book a trip here. With Airfare, time in transit, and the resort costs, you will have a substantial investment in this vacation. Please, just ask. This area is full of magnificent little seaside towns, teaming with charm. The area can be as safe as you make it. I am firmly convinced the operators of a certain type of business in this area, have no desire to upend tourism. There have been very few stories of violence against honest tourist. The area is popular, however, with a certain type of “tourist” that has other intensions beyond tourism. Please consult before you go.

Getting there: For Cancun, the airport is CUN Hundreds of Vans and busses transport hundreds of tourists to hotels and adventures every day from this into the Cancun area. There are flights with over 30 carriers from 30 US cities, as well as 42 other countries. For the Central Area, MEX or Mexico City is accessible for most major US Airports. Delta has now partnered with Aeromexico, making flights very seamless. There is a Global Traveler Agreement in place, and kiosks for speed in the US Customs area. For the West Coast, ACA or Acupulco has modernized the Airport terminal recently. The view coming down into Acupulco is not matched anywhere.

Travel, and Travel Well my friends

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