Insurance Should I or Not- Part 4

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CHARLOTTE – Now we can talk about Travel Insurance and what is available, and what each cover.

A/ Cancellation Insurance; This is the simplest and covers any costs to you should you have to cancel. There are 2 levels of this insurance, Cancel For Any Reason or Cancel For Covered Reasons. Be sure you know what you are buying and understand any restrictions. Be sure you have enough coverage to cover all the costs you have paid out for the trip or at least the amount above what you are willing to risk losing. Understand the Any Reason policies are much more expensive than the Covered Reason policies.

Covered reasons usually include such events as illnesses confirmed by a Doctor, hospitalization, residential fires or emergencies, death in the immediate Family, accidents en route, or some business failures.

B/ Travel Insurance; This covers most of what is included in cancellation policies and also includes such items as medical emergencies while travelling, Some Emergency Medical return transportation to USA, repatriation in event of death while travelling, lost luggage, flight interruption, some flight replacement costs. There is a clause in almost every policy that states that a pre-existing condition will be excluded from coverage. That clause may be voided with some companies if you purchase within 15 days of paying your first payment for the trip.

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