Insurance Should I or Not- Part 1

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CHARLOTTE – Certainly this could be a very boring subject because there are only 2 possible answers. Maybe is never a good choice. I think you may want to read on a little here just to find out why I think it is a very exciting and complicated topic.

First, let me recount a situation that is going on today, Sept. 15, 2021, with a client on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Smitty (fictional) are long-time travel clients. Both are in their 60s and have either retired or cut back hours to the point where extensive travel is a choice at this time of life. Mr. Smitty has some health issues, but Mrs. Smitty is a 30+ year Nurse and is very wise in the ways of health issues. Whenever they choose to take a vacation, either by land or sea, they always ask for Travel Insurance.

Fast forward to this week, and we find them at a luxury all inclusive on the tropical island of whoo hoo

fictional again so I don’t get a letter from that government). Prior to departing the USA, the Smitty’s had to fill out an online travel authorization form where they swore they had no horrible diseases, were vaccinated against Covid 19 twice with an approved vaccine, and had scheduled a PCR test within 72hours of boarding the plane. Then they got a PCR test from a local drug store, with an email that arrived 18 hours before boarding, stating both PCR tests were negative. Upon arrival at the Charlotte Airport, then again when they arrived on whoo hoo, they showed copies of all 5 documents and passed through. Before clearing immigration for whoo hoo, they were given a nasal swab antigen test for a rapid test.

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Phil Angelo
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