Iceland 2019

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Borrowing from the Globus Family of Travel Companies, let’s look at an 8 day visit to Iceland;

Some interesting sites include the Geothermal power station. Iceland is able to use natural occurring heat from the Earth to generate power for the Island. Perhaps no where else on Earth is an entire country heated by and generates power from, Geothermal Sources. Many homes and commercial buildings in Iceland are able to use natural Geothermal Heating. Another fact is the Tectonic Plate located on Iceland. This is one of the shifting tectonic plates in World History. As a result of shifts over the centuries, Iceland is full of natural valleys and mountains, and an active volcano/. Many of you remember the infamous “Massive Ash Cloud of 2002 that disrupted air travel to and within Europe for months. Perhaps the most spectacular sights are the Glacier Fields. As always you should try to plan a field trip to view the Northern Lights. I note this is a field trip. The lights are visible from most anywhere in Iceland, but you really need to distance yourself from the Big City lights, and also try for high ground, for the best views. And Mother Nature is fickle in Iceland as anywhere. Just as when visiting Alaska, you would like to see the mountain tops, weather in Iceland can cloud over your view on any given night. Even though viewing the Northern Lights is a real highlight, you should look at Iceland as a total picture of Nature and beauty, not just a light show.

Check back next week where we show the first half of an itinerary for the trip.

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