Travel Groups Part 2

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How many people do you need to form a group? – not many. Some all inclusive resorts accept as few as FIVE rooms as a group. Some Cruise Lines accept as few as 8 cabins as a group. Often times a Travel Consultant that does many groups, can combine smaller groups at a common destination or cruise, into a larger group. When forming a Group, or thinking of forming one, it is imperative you work with a Travel Consultant that works with Groups. I have seen more than one group leave not hundreds, but thousands on the table because they did not know. That brings us to why and what.

Why form a group, and to what advantage?

The first part of that is a big part of the second. The reasons why are often, just the sheer fun of a group, or the sheer amount of work that can be accomplished in the case of a business meeting. That always revolves around the advantage of each choice.

Let’s talk about a few of the advantages, by category. Friends and Family will often get some special considerations of their choice from a Cruise Line. Examples are, a gift such as wine in each cabin, on board spending money, Cocktail Party, group breakfast, or a group activity. On land the same group can enjoy most of those same considerations, or maybe a catamaran cruise together, or a group tour. Celebration groups can often get free celebrations such as Vow Renewal, at the destination. In the case of a Cruise, the Ship Captain can actually perform the ceremony, while the Chef can prepare a special meal just for the Group. On land you can often get the ceremony free, with just a few fees to local officials. Family Reunion and “Roots” groups can often earn some of the cost of the family cost in the form of Group Leader Credits. Those same credits may be offered for many other types of group travel.

Destination Weddings fall into a group by themselves. I have covered these in a former series, but suffice it to say, the offers of free considerations have grown mightily. There is no other group more sought after, and no other event more rewarding than a Destination Wedding. Think about free room, free ceremony, free beverages and food, free reception. All or any of these can be earned with a Destination wedding.

With the destination Business Meetings, there are some amazing offers. One Corporation sponsored a meeting in the Caribbean, at the top rated resort in the world, and scheduled a Golf Tournament at the number 1, 2 and 5 rated Golf courses in the WORLD, all at 1 resort. The list of Presidents that have stayed at this resort is almost as impressive as the courses themselves. Sandals includes free golf at many of the resorts, and makes Championship Grade Clubs available so clients do not have to transport clubs – Immagine!

At Leisure Travel Experts, we currently have 5 groups so far for 2018, that have 2 or more openings; A 7 night Cruise in January, out of Port Canaveral; an 11 day guided tour of Italy in May, a 7 night Cruise on the biggest and best Cruise Ship in the world out of Fort Lauderdale in July, and a fully escorted tour to Israel in July, led by the world renowned Educational Travel Services. We have just formed a Cruise out of Miami for November.

Check back next week for a new series.

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